Blah. Hey there, you can call me Rach.

So i absolutely love love love...
my dog, friends, family, the smell of rain, the night sky, perfection, state of relaxation, bubble baths, shirley temples, blasting music, hugs, creating things, expressing myself, fuzzies, fire sparkles, writing, the sound of sprinklers, pretty things, pretty views, beaches, sunsets, tasty beverages, movies, french fries, videogames, chocolate, the pool, the mall, food, the city, life, inner AND outer beauty ... ETC.

Just a few words i must say:
1. i am a sucker for things the are aesthetically pleasing to the eye
2. i'm very unpredictable
3. i reblog EVERYTHING (unless stated otherwise)
4. feel free to follow me and reblog my crap :)

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hahahahahaha… hhahahaah… ahha..

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